Trip to Australia Jessica’s Journey continues.

Trip to Australia Jessica’s Journey continues


I have been in contact with Jessica and she says she has had a great trip thus far. She will head to the west coast of Australia soon but first she fly’s to Byron Bay about a two hour plane ride away from Melbourne.  She has been visiting with a dear friend Jodi who also helps with the school in India, and also three friends whom she knew from Taiwan when she first left home to teach English.

She said the first fundraiser went very well. It took place in a lovely little coffee shop in the suburbs of Melbourne.,Fitzroy area.

She hasn’t said how much they made but it was good and it all goes to the school. She said there was a raffle. The afternoon started with a Celtic band and I wish I knew how to transfer it from the messenger. She is a phenomenal singer and the Celtic band was great too. As soon as I discover how I will put it here to. She told her story of the school and also played her ukulele and sang a few songs.

Today we connected while she was walking on the beach in Melbourne. She says it was absolutely beautiful it could be Canada, the west coast except it was 30 degrees.  The area is very multicultural, and the people are very friendly.

She says the cost of everything is very high though. To go to a movie, it was about 25 dollars Aussie for one person, so she chooses not to buy popcorn. That was the one reason we would go to the theatre years ago.

I will keep you informed of the rest of her journey as she tells me more.



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