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For those who love us test

I read this funny little poem in the church newspaper today and thought I should share it with my loyal readers.Titled FOR THOSE WHO LOVE US.

May those who love us always love us.

And those who don’t love us May God turn their hearts.

And if He doesn’t turn their hearts

May He turn their ankles

So we’ll know them by their limping.

Author unknown but had to share.


Bucket List test

Selfishly I got to mark another “thing” off my bucket list. I had never been asked to stand up for anyone in their wedding party and here today I was the “Matron” of honor. Go Figure.  It was a wonderful service; the music was ideal and the amount of people present just right. Two of my favorite hymns , Amazing Grace and How Great thou art. Both of them bring tears to my eyes. Luckily, I remembered to pocket a tissue.

The numbers at the wedding were initially going to be the Tuesday Morning Service groupies and that is how we all became so close. My dad read the prayers of the People at the ceremony, Erika read the bible reading and Joan and David, after they were united in Marriage assisted with communion. It was all very beautiful.

This couple, individually, one divorced and the other widowed became friends through their going to the same church. David is a business owner, and Joan is retired nurse. She is a graduate of St. Pauls’ school of nursing and she became a widow about a year ago,. She has 6 children, one came to the wedding ceremony. I guess they had their reasons.  We are not supposed to judge one another, we are to be mindful of each other’s feelings and needs and respect them. So, that is something they will have to deal with over time. Now the groom Michael is almost young enough to be Ann’s son, so age is just a number. They share so much in common and appreciate each other’s interests.

Not everyone has this sort of item on a bucket list . It is usually a trip to an exotic location or meet some celebrity but this was something I never thought would happen since I am after all a senior citizen.

Here are a few of the things and places to go on my bucket list

  • Trip to Rio De Janerio
  • Move into my house in New Brunswick
  • Go to Spain for 5 months of the year
  • Help my grandson come over to Canada for a visit.

These are just a few . I have many more but not willing to share with you at this point and time.