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She found Uncle Vincent test

Uncle Vincent.!!

Little sisters of the Poor


This is the name of the car home where Uncle Vincent lived during his last years of his life. We always thought he died a few years after Jessica was born but we found out today from Jessica that he died in 1990. She was on a outing to a speaking engagement to an elementary school to talk about her project in India and on the way home she found the “Little Sisters of the Poor care home. Well what luck was this . She thought she would just check out what happened to Uncle Vincent.

I am very visual and when she told me what had happened all I could see were these two nuns dressed in white habits escorting Jessica out of the convent. She said they were very quick to tell her the information and whisked out of the building. There was on lovely Irish woman at the reception who was helpful but even her gave her information and said” You had better leave now” We may never know what that was all about. It sounds pretty funny. Something out of a stand-up comedy routine. Or the flying nun. !

She did manage to get a copy of his death certificate and took a few pictures of the convent. It looks like a lovely place. No one there is still working that knew him. Even the next of kin on the certificate has passed away. Well it wasn’t all in vain. She did find out where he lived and when he died. Part of the mystery of Uncle Vincent is solved. We now have addresses of people who were his contacts so perhaps we can write them and find out a little more of the rogue uncle who left his family in England when he was  16 years of age.

Jessica’s fundraising tour continues. test

Jessica’s fundraising tour Continues

We have been hearing little stories from Jessica about her adventure in Australia. She has made some great contacts and awareness for her school and hostel in Varanasi, India. She has been in Byron Bay and says it is absolutely beautiful. Swam in the ocean there too. I was asking her about the sharks and she says they are quite a way out in the ocean, so she felt safe swimming there. The venue in Byron Bay was a small bar where she sang and told her story of how the school began. She is now in Perth doing the same thing again. When she does these fundraisers, she plays her ukulele and sings so it is all very entertaining.

While she is there in Perth she is looking for a grave of a great uncle Vincent. He came to Canada in 1974 before Jessica was actually born and that was his reason for his trip. He waited for her arrival, but she was late. He passed away about a year after his return to Perth. While living in Perth he resided in a home “The Little Sisters’ of the Poor” So this is why she is also looking for the site. Jessica is the family ambassador.

While she was in Melbourne her first stop on the Australia journey to attempted to locate a son of a dear friend of her grand father. Bob Sherwin. She tried but putting out a few feelers on Facebook but there was no luck there.

The actual mission for her trip has actually been quite successful. She has met several friends that have come to visit the school and hostel in Varanasi and also has made a good contribution to the fund for the operation of the school. She feels she has spread the word and perhaps she will do this same trip again next year.