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A Delightful afternoon in Nerja test

A Delightful afternoon in Nerja.

Today we traveled to a lovely little town by the name of NERJA it is about 40 miles up the coast heading northeast along the Mediterranean Sea. It is so picturesque The very thing it does have in common with so many of the little towns here in Spain is that all the buildings are white. Mind you there are a few that have salmon color and the odd one that is beige but 97% are white. And the drive up the houses that are freestanding are all white as well.. Nerja is a resort town along southern Spain’s Costa del Sol. Its seafront promenade, Balcón de Europa, tops a promontory with views of the Mediterranean and surrounding mountains. Below it lies sandy beaches and cliffside coves. Cueva de Nerja, a nearby cavern with unusual stalactites and stalagmites, hosts popular summertime concerts. It’s also known for its paleolithic paintings

This is a bronze statue of King Alphonse X11

The Nerja Caves are spectacular as well. We did not visit them this time, we did so a few years ago but we are saving a return trip to the caves for our friend Sandy’s visit in March. They are well worth the trip back.
While we had our lunch sitting at a restaurant in the square we were able to listen to a wonderful solo violinist by the name of Klara Gomboc. She played all afternoon. We were there for over three hours. At the opposite end of the promenade, there was a guitarist by the name of Sergio Sands who was playing his guitar and singing, a lot of Eric Clapton songs and his style.
So take time when in Spain to visit the little town of Nerja. About 39 km from Malaga on the A-7 motorway.

Lost in Torre del Mare. test

Lost in Torre del Mare
Yesterday we had made plans to go to an English-speaking church. We had gone to the local church a few times, but it is in Spanish and it is not all the easy to follow the message or the service for all the matter. So, we got up early and planned to leave to give us enough time just in case we got lost. We had Google Maps and the girls on the GPS was giving us the directions Well she led us right into a parking lot down an alley. At least it wasn’t a dark alley. It was 11.15 am and we were supposed to be there by 11.30am. along came a gentleman whom we asked for directions, he didn’t speak English, but we were able to understand what he was telling us on how to get to the church. Well, we followed what he told us and we didn’t find a church just found the port in Torre del Mare. So it was too late now to track down the church so we made an executive decision to just go for a drive and eventually go to Malaga to the movies.
Well, we got to Malaga and the line up was so long we decided to throw in the towel and head home. So this was our last chance for awhile to go to church unless we choose to walk down the hill to the Spanish speaking Catholic church. We have to return the rental car on Tuesday.
We had fun driving around getting willfully lost.
Cheers we will find that church someday.