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We are not dictated by our lineage

We all enter this lifetime through the miracle of birth conceived by humans, pushed into the world through body of our mother. It is said that we choose our families that we choose our parents, siblings, cultures, even the time and place we are born into, because our souls have determined that this is where we will learn fastest on our journey through life. Well- whether chosen or not we are all born into a family, lineage, tribe, . Now it would be wonderful if the family we’ve landed into is brimming with nothing but love and positivity, a continuous feast of honey and roses. However for many of us this is not the case.

My dear sweet mother believes a lot of our destiny is resting on our common sense but we all do not have that wonderful gift of common sense we do not have the direction or fortitude to except what is shown to us.

Sometimes though we need some help to move on through this negative pattern that was shown to us by our well-meaning parents. Be open to learning and accepting what is a good and true path for you. Seek help and don’t be so proud to not accept help if it is handed to you.

This is not to say that we shouldn’t be honoring and respectful of where we have come in the beginning but be mindful that we can follow our own path we are not dictated by our past. That is exactly what it is, the past so leave it there and create your future.

thoughts on getting old test

Every morning when I wake up I say “I”ll never be as young as I am today.

Today is the youngest day of the rest of my life.

Get up and do something fun.

A YOU  grow older if you don’t move you won’t move.

I never use the word retire. this was the moto of B.B. King. good moto.

Why stop doing what you love ? just because you are retirement age . whatever that is?!

I listen i LOVE  I live .

The secret to staying young and being happy is loving what you do and loving the person are with, it is simple as that.

If you dream about something enough it can come true. Try it!