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Colmenar is a lovely village nestled in the northern part of the Málaga mountains (Montes de Málaga) right on the edge of both the Axarquía and the municipality of Antequera. The area where the village is located has a rather ancient history thanks to the fact that it is on the route that links the Axarquía and the GuadalhorceValley. However, the village itself could be classified as one of Andalucia’s “younger” pueblos as it wasn’t actually established until after the Christian King’s conquest and it didn’t become an independent township until 1777.

In fact, Colmenar was actually the name of an estate which produced honey (the Spanish “colmena” means beehive”). Even today you can buy honey made in the Colmenar area along with fresh locally milled flour – both white and whole grain – and also lovely raw and brown sugars. It seems the traditions behind the name “Colmenar” are still alive today.
Colmenar is not only a village, but also a municipality – one of seven municipalities in the Axarquía. The actual town is 700 metres above sea level. It is part of the “Olive Oil and Mountain Route” (Ruta del Aceite y los Montes).
The layout of Colmenar village is typical of Andalusian villages – even though it does not date back to the Moorish era when narrow, winding streets were the norm.
According to legend, the Candelaria Hermitage is a 17th century building that was erected by a group of sailors from the Canary Islands who were miraculously saved by a storm off the Málaga Coast. Supposedly the hermitage was meant to be a public display of their gratitude.
The Asunción Church was built in the 16th century and includes the remains of arab-style architecture.
Outside the village, but still within the municipality, there are archeological remains in areas like the Cueva de las Pelusas or the Cortijo de Gonzalo in the Zorrera stream area. Thanks to such sites, it’s clear that the area was inhabited as far back as Neolithic times and also during the Metal Ages
The most typical dishes served in Colmenar represent traditional Andalusian mountain fare. Try the tasty garbanzo stew, the thick, chilled “porra” soup, “migas” (fried bread crumbs) or one of the famous oven roasted meats. The town is also known for its cured meats and for cooking with local olive oil and home made “mosto” (grape juice).
One of the most popular “fiestas” in Colmenar is “Día de la Pipa”. To celebrate, everyone goes out to the countryside to for a picnic featuring local homemade specialities. The annual fair takes place during the second week of August. On February 2 every year, the patron saint, the Virgin of the Candelaria, is honoured with a procession through the streets of Colmenar and out to the hermitage. Holy Week is also observed with processions in Colmenar with the “Virgen de los Dolores” taking centre stage. At Christmas the town is decked out with nativity scenes at various points around town and villagers are especially fond of singing traditional Spanish and Andalusian Christmas carols.
Colmenar is 35 kilometers from Málaga and 44 kilometres from Vélez-Málaga.

Should I contact my ex? test

I am not a relationship therapist but I did get asked this question from time to time ” should I ever contact my ex-boyfriend or girlfriend, well today I saw this article on this very topic and thought I would share this with the audience . I did not write but the author is mentioned.

Should I write my ex?

Nino Soriano, Mackie Research Capital • CEO of NANO at YouTube (2012-present)
Answered Nov 23
Absolutely not! And here’s is why:
Keep in mind that I’m talking from experience on multiple occasions. And not all, but many women and men think and feel the same way.
Depending on how recent this was, chances are, your ex is very emotionally unstable and even the thought of you triggers some sort of reaction. Ex’s are usually more hesitant and aware the second time around. Very careful and on guard due to negative past experiences.
Generally speaking, when an ex feels this way, they have lots on their mind. Both positive and negative emotions that conflict each other.
Depending on what you habits were, you should stay away from repeating those as they might trigger more negative emotions. The best thing for an ex is to give them space and let them think. The moment they feel pressure they are more likely to push away as it reminds them of past behaviours and restrictive contilling, nagging experiences.
From my experience, every ex that I have chased and wrote to and constaly kept track of, have eventually left completely and moved on. You want to give you ex a chance to think about you on their own terms. Don’t try to force yourself in their head.
You’ll find that the ex’s that DO want to mend and fix a relationship generally give you some sort of signals indicating that they are interested. I would recommend staying away from forceful things that imply you wanting to fix the relationship.
Every ex that I have given space has had the time to *rationally* think their thoughts out, and have eventually come back to at very least set some terms.
At the end of the day, how are you going to get you ex to miss you when you’re constantly forcing yourself into their mind. An I cannot stress enough, trust me, I stressed myself out when I was younger not realizing that if there is something there for you two, give it time and it will ultimately fix itself with effort from both parties. The relationships that are meant to be will be.
I know this is very vague but remember that it’s not about you. It’s about them. They don’t need someone breathing down their necks trying 24–7. What they need is space to rationally think. How can you expect an ex to make a decision when they can’t even think rationally.
Good luck, cheers!