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Everyday in North America , people throw out over 130,00 old computers. Instead of trashing them, check with the manufacturers or your local electronics store for recycling programs. If it is still in good working order, many non profit organizations will refurbish and reuse old computers.


Changing your cooking habits may reduce kitchen energy use by as much as 50%. Microwaves , slow cookers, and toaster ovens are all significantly more efficient than conventional ovens. To save energy when using the oven, turn the heat off five minutes before the timer goes off.

About 30% of household water is used by the toilet. Convert virtually any toilet into a reduced-flow toilet. by filling a half gallon jug with sand or rocks and placing it in the tank. The tank will require less water to fill so you will save water with each flush.

Purchase foods produced within 100 miles of home. this will reduce the emissions associated with transport and promote local farms that are more likely to employ environmentally friendly and sustainable practices. You’ll encourage biodiversity, boost your local economy and enjoy better tasting food.

Ensuring your tires are properly inflated can increase your car’s fuel efficiency by 3%. Low resistance tires can increase efficiency by 6%. Couple that with limiting hard acceleration/braking, which can burn 33% more , fuel and you’ll be on the road to saving money and the environment.