Our Canadian History

Strange and unknown facts about Canada test


Some unknown facts about Canada. Facts that every Canadian should know about its country as it turns 150 years young July 1, 2017. That is truly a milestone.


What does 150 years mean? It is a milestone because it is called a sesquicentennial .

It is the biggest anniversary since our centennial in 1967.

Canada has a wealth of unusual place names. In Newfoundland alone you can count them to your Heart’s content. Some that caught my eye include:

Sober Island, Nova Scotia, which has its’ own brewing company/

Blow Me Down Provincial Park, N.L.

Bacon Ridge, Manitoba

Come by Chance NewFoundland.

Dildo, Newfoundland

Crotch Lake, Ontario

Uren , Saskatchewan

Eyebrow, Saskatchewan

Elbow, Saskatchewan

The longest place name in Canada is:

Pekwachnamaykoskwaskwaypinwanik, Lake Manitoba. It is a very tiny lake in Manitoba.


There are many more next issue.


what is Canadian Confederation? test

What is Canadian confederation?



Canadian confederation was the process by which the British colonies of Canada, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick were finally united into one Dominion of Canada on July ,1867. Upon confederation Canada was divided into four provinces, Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick.

How can we commemorate the 150 years as Canada?

We could do some research and find out about the history of our great country.  Search the internet and the library and read about how the country was formed.  We as Canadians have so much to be thankful for. We have to stand back a wonder why so many people actually want to immigrate to Canada rather than other first world countries in the world.

What do we have to offer more than other countries.?

Successful migration with full families.

Free education and medicals

Migration possible for skilled workers as well as investors.

Eligibility for Canadian Citizenship within three years of arrival in Canada with permanent residence status.

Dual citizenship allowed.

Access to the United States and Mexico markets based on the NAFTA agreement

The best country to live in the world and the United Nations keeps reaffirming it!


So these are just some trivia facts to ponder about a country that is celebrating 150 years of greatness!