A Guide to travelling as a Single Parent

A Guide to Traveling as a Single Parent


The life of a single parent means shouldering twice the work that most co-parents do. From getting the child to school every day, to working and taking care of household cleanup, and providing discipline and structure all alone, the life of a single parent is one of sacrifice. One time when single parents can find reprieve from the hard work is vacation. To attain max relaxation, a single parent must plan their trip wisely, finding an affordable and enjoyable location for a solo vacay.



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Where to Go?


Single parents are likely to have access to fewer travel funds than households with two parents and/or incomes. While there are plenty of deals and discount packages aimed at the traditional family structure, fewer cater to the single-parent. Double occupancy rates are typically the name of the game, but this format does not work for single parents who want to travel without their child in tow. Fortunately, Families Go! compiled four resorts that cater to the pocketbook and sensibilities of single parents. Signature Vacations is another site which has taken the time to offer advice and deals for single parents looking to travel.


When it comes to planning a vacation as a single parent, they should also consider what they want to get out of the trip besides a good deal. Family Vacation Critic advises that all-inclusive resorts be put high on a parent’s potential destination list. These resorts tend to be a bit more cost-effective, as a single-parent likely has to consider the cost of childcare as well while they are away.


When planning, ensure that you have all necessary documents and vaccinations for whichever destination you choose. Vacation can be a rarity for single parents, and the chance to travel solo means going exotic and even out of country may be worthwhile.


In addition, single parents know that they alone hold the key to their child’s safety. For this reason, ensuring that the person taking care of their child while they hit the road for a few days is trustworthy is of the utmost importance. Letting the caretaker know how to reach you in case of emergency, special considerations like the child’s allergies, and personal rules you’d like enforced are just three steps toward easing your mind as you relax.


Kids Health adds some valuable advice to ensure that a child is ready for their parent to take some time away. This includes a comprehensive list of how to provide the caregiver for all scenarios which may arise. While travel is a relaxant for most everyone, single parents included, it can be particularly necessary for single parents who are in recovery.


Tips For the Single Parents in Recovery


Single parents who find themselves in recovery from drug or alcohol addiction need to take a break from life occasionally. This will allow them to clear their mind, reorient their priorities, and take off loads of stress that makes relapse more likely.


This insightful article in the New York Times puts a human voice on the perils that come with traveling while in recovery. With airport bars, hotel bars, and bars in general virtually unavoidable in most vacation destinations, special attention must be given to sober travel.


Fortunately, sober travel agencies and sober vacation deals are widely available across the internet. Before booking a trip you believe will result in maximum chill, you’ve got to consider that traveling alone isn’t very smart. However, neither is traveling with your child as a recovering addict looking for clarity. Vacation for somebody in recovery is meant to be a short reprieve from life’s responsibilities, and that includes parenting. Arranging for a child sitter while also finding a companion to keep you busy and on-track while on vacation is the ideal arrangement.




Everybody needs a vacation from time to time. When work, parenting, and life in general has you down and stressed, taking a trip can be the only reprieve. For single parents, this will most likely mean finding a resort that accommodates both your budget and traveling goals. However, for single parents in recovery, some other considerations must be weighed. A sober vacation will be aimed at your relaxation, whether that means bringing along a companion to keep you honest or flying solo.

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