Forgotten Province of New Brunswick -Canada


New Brunswick is a province found in the nation of Canada. Home to 755,500 people, it is the 8th largest division in Canada in terms of population.

New Brunswick gained its current status as a province in the year 1867. The government of New Brunswick is lead by Brian Gallant and is based in the province capital of Fredericton (Population: 52,337).

The most populous cities in New Brunswick are: Saint John (Population: 87,857), Moncton(Population: 87,467), Fredericton (Population: 52,337).



Country Canada
Region Type Province
Time Zone ADT
Year of Establishment 1867
Capital Fredericton (Population: 52,337)
Head of Government Brian Gallant
Total Population 755,500
Total Area 72,908 sq km (28,150 sq miles)
Population Density 10.4 sq km (26.8 sq miles)

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